The domain name MGOC.COM is for sale

Price US$10,350

Get On The Web Limited some years ago registered for its websites, portals and client projects a number of generic domain names (including this one), which are now no longer required. We are offering for sale the domain name MGOC.COM.

If you are interested in the 4-letter acronym MGOC and would like to purchase the domain name MGOC.COM please complete this offer form.

Why choose a 4-letter acronym like MGOC for your business?

Click here for examples of recent actual domain name sale prices.   

In September 2011 SWAG.COM sold for $120,000 and KARI.COM sold for $63,000.    In October 2011 LOOK.COM sold for $400,000 and SOLO.COM sold for $133,000.   In December 2011 LELA.COM sold for over $100,000 and VIIA.COM sold for $58,000.    In January 2012 DUDU.COM sold for $1,000,000, BOLT.COM sold for over $125,000, JUIF.COM sold for $35,000, YOLO.COM sold for $29,000 and OODA.COM sold for $25,000.    In February 2012 AILI.COM sold for $90,000, MOBB.COM sold for $42,000, QUOD.COM & UROS.COM each sold for $30,000.    In March 2012 TORC.COM sold for $68,000 and DENG.COM sold for $65,000.    In April 2012 INDI.COM sold for $115,000, BOHE.COM sold for $85,000 and SERI.COM sold for $45,000.    In May 2012 AHHA.COM sold for $112,000 and SUDI.COM sold for $52,000.   In June 2012 LISH.COM sold for $45,000 and TEMI.COM sold for $30,000.    In July 2012 MIZU.COM sold for $90,000, EMAR.COM for $43,000 and AYYA.COM for $30.000.   In August 2012 BIBA.COM sold for over $70,000, JPMM.COM for $29,000 and FFUN.COM for $25,000.   In September 2012 KIPI.COM sold for $47,000 and CESC.COM sold for over $36,000.   In October 2012 IOOI.COM sold for $25.000.   In November 2012 FENG.COM sold for $250,000 and JANE.COM sold for $60,000.   In December 2012 LINE.COM sold for $118,000, FOBO.COM sold for over $57,000 and ZEBU.COM sold for $40.000.   In January 2013 TEMT.COM sold for $45,000 and ACAM.COM sold for $40,000.    In February 2013 MOJO.COM sold for $300,000.   In March 2013 ADIB.COM sold for $117,000, UNIT.COM for $115,000 and NUMI.COM for $75,000.    In April 2013 KBRA.COM sold for $40,000 and SEEQ.COM for $33,000.   In May 2013 MOMS.COM sold for $252,000 and CRME.COM for $35,000.    In June 2013 TREK.COM sold for $245,000.   In July 2013 BODY.COM sold for $380,000 and YUGE.COM sold for $48,000.   In August 2013 TYME.COM sold for $40,000.   In September 2013 DECO.COM sold for $100,000 and FORK.COM sold for $50,000.   In October 2013 EBET.COM sold for $1,350,000, SHEN.COM sold for $125,000 and QIKU.COM sold for $80,000.   In November 2013 VIDA.COM sold for $53,300.    In January TRUE.COM sold for $350,000, ACAR.COM sold for $40,000 and XILI.COM sold for $32,500.   In March DDOS.COM sold for $100,000.

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